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Introducing Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists

Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists was founded in 2015 by managing director James Newman. James has over 10 years of experience within the ARB industry, and is NPTC qualified for all aspects of tree surgery. James has a dedicated team of arborists who work alongside him, all of whom are fully insured and NPTC qualified, between them bringing over 15 years of experience to the company. We cater for domestic and commercial customers, so for a free written quotation please use the contact form below. Also don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for regular updates on our most recent work!

Tree Surgery Services - Suffolk

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is where you bring an overall shape to the crown of the tree. Crown reduction is one of the common techniques used today in pruning trees. This is where you cut the foliage from the outer edge into the crown, reducing the overall shape and size of the tree. When doing this type of reduction, ideally all cuts should be made to a bud or as close as you can to a partnering limb. By doing this you can ensure that the tree has maintained its health and will not be as prone to limbs dying off or diseases. It reduces the weight of the tree and can potentially prevent limbs becoming dangerous and snapping in adverse weather conditions. When Crown Reducing, the tree should always be balanced. Please contact us if you feel your tree could benefit from our crown reduction service.

Crown Lift or Crown Raising

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the crown.

Crown Thin

Crown thinning is the removal of smaller branches throughout the tree, it is commonly done to allow more light into the garden. Crown thinning partnered with deadwooding and crown lifting really can make a massive difference to a trees aesthetics. Please contact us if you feel your tree could benefit from our crown thinning service.


Although a good habitat for bugs and beasties, deadwood can present a hazard if it were to fall out of a tree. At Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists our experienced climbers can access the tree and remove any dangerous material without causing any further harm to the tree. Please contact us if you feel your tree could benefit from our deadwooding service.


Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps a tree smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree reaches a certain height, and annual pollarding will restrict the tree to that height. It’s a great way of retaining a large tree in a small space that otherwise may need to be removed. Please contact us if you feel your tree could benefit from pollarding.

Hedge Maintenance

An integral part of the design of any garden, hedges and shrubs bring beauty, form and structure but, like your other plants, they also need care and maintenance if you want to get the best from them. With the right pruning methods and timing you can ensure your hedges and shrubs are a real asset to your property. Whatever your requirements, from having an overgrown conifer trimmed to shape or a formal Beech hedge maintained, getting advice on or avoiding conflicts with your neighbours under the ‘High Hedges Act’, Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists provides expert advice.

Sectional felling

As tree care specialists we like to preserve trees, but there are times whenthe location of a tree is not practical or where its position or condition mean it needs to be removed. Tree felling is a highly skilled operation that is not without risk. Safety is our paramount concern and we take great care to avoid damage to people and the surrounding property by using up to date rigging techniques and always make sure we leave the site clean and tidy. If a tree is felled and a Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area Restriction is in place, there will be legal ramifications and potentially hefty fines to pay so, before starting work, we carry out all the necessary Local Authority checks, free of charge, and submit any necessary applications on your behalf.

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding is often the last stage of permanent tree removal. After trees have been felled, you will have been left with an unsightly, ground level stump. If this is not an issue for you, it can be left in the ground. Stump Grinding can be done at any time of year. Smaller stumps can be removed by hand, though the majority will require the use of specialist equipment. At Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists we have a narrow access grinder that can be taken through the house if necessary and yet tackle the biggest stumps! If you have an unsightly stump you would like removed please contact us.

Site Clearance

At Suffolk Arboricultural specialists we work closely with other trades to help them prepare their sites for future building projects. From tree felling to grass cutting we can do the lot so please contact us if we can help you with your future plans.

Protected Trees Information

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. An Order prohibits the felling, reducing and pruning of trees without the local planning authority’s written consent. If consent is given, it can be subject to conditions which have to be followed. At Suffolk Arboricultural Specialists we maintain a good relationship with the local planning authority’s. We are able to suggest a solution to maintain your protected trees and with the agreed plan we can then apply for the works on your behalf at no extra cost.


Wood Sales

Our logs are produced from our tree operations and are processed in our main yard to quality firewood. The process of "cord wood" (or green wood) to log takes approximately 12 months. As wood comes into the yard it is rendered down into sections and then split into 6-12” pieces.Not only can we supply you with fire wood but with our towable woodsplitter we can bring it to you and while we take down your tree our trained operatives can split the cord wood into the exact size you want and fill yourshed! Please contact us if you would like some seasoned fire wood or could benefit from our onsite splitting service.